CGM Chuck Ask Answer

1. How do I choose among all CGM chuck types ?

  1. Based on Budget :
    H Series are economic type for beginners.
    Q Series are advanced fast manual, timesaving type.
    A Series are high-level automatic pneumatic type
  2. Our product catalogue describes all CGM purposes.
  3. Our professional specialists can explain and advice for you.

2. What are the advantages of CGM chucks ?

  1. Most of the main fixture is made of stainless steel 420, suitable for a variety of environments, and durable.
  2. Interchangeable block positioning design.
    (a) protective machinery.
    (b) available to replace, adding chuck durability.
    (c) Special surface coating treatment, high hardness and durability, service life of more than 700,000 times.
  3. Large clamping force, not only applies to copper processing but also to various parts. HM series and QM Series give more than 1000kg force. A Series gives more than 100kg force.
  4. The electrode base is made of alucimum. It absorbs shock and it has 8 positioning spots. It resists 600kg lateral force and heavy cutting. The supporting points of 4 surfaces can resis long time without hurting the chuck surface supporting points. What' s more, it doesn' t sink after impact. Its economical price reduces cost burden.
  5. The plug has central water feature for EDM use. Average stronge level can be applied for milling parts processing. The plug shrapnel has closed function to prevent copper scrap from falling into the chuck base. Each parts of plug has inseperable design to prevent parts from falling.
  6. Each chuck specification suits varies needs: HM Series are clamp type as well as entry leve. QM Series are clip claw type with designed shock proof function, stable clamping workpiece and multifunctional sppearance design.
    It s suitable for various needs. Pneumatic chuck series can improve working speed and automation needs.

3. Can the EDM be installed on imported machinery ?

Yes it can. If the installing hole does not match with our M106, just make a new hole or add an adapter board.

4. If the precision of EDM chuck goes away, would you come to adjust it ?

M106 installation board includes flatness and parallelism adjustment screws for customers to adjust on their own.

5. Why does it stuck when using QE-84E chuck ?

That is because oil discharge liquid is over the chuck with residue stuck inside.
Put machine oil into the push rod sliding way. If it is not working, please contact us.

6. My EDM is over 15 years old. Will it be effective if install a chuck ?

As long as your machine still operates, it will definitely save time and add production if you install a chuck.
H and Q Series are recommended.

7. Why can' t the surface of small electrode be modified ?

It is because most thick, medium and small size is not in the same center.
Before discharge, please check the size of copper pole center.

8. What' s the difference in using QE-88E and QM-98E chuck on milling bed ?

If fastened on bed within 4 chucks, we recommend QE-88E, which is more economic. If you need to use vise or magnet to take it off, we recommend QM-98E, which has 6 surfaces easier to correct and edge.

9. There is a hole in the chuck center. Is it available for edging ?

No. For edging, please use ST-164 or ST-165.

10. Can the EDM use PE-20W handle ?

Yes. But there is no central water feature.

11. We have a CNC EDM processor. Can itbe installed 12 electrode library?
How much is the cost ?

Yes you can install it. But contact the tooling machine factory first because. It requires complicated install technology and programming. At the moment we only cooperate with tooling factories in technology field.

12. Can the magnetic base suck in the chuck and process ?

No. The chuck itself is stainless steel. It has poor permeability and needs to add a base board under.

13. I'd like to buy new machinery and I'd like to buy the chucks required by the machinery.
Can I order from you or from tooling factories ?

We work with most tooling machinery factories here. If you order from tooling factory, they will correct the precision and hand it to you. It' s better in terms of time. If the tooling factory does not offer the descript service, you are welcome to contact us.

14. We are a tooling machine factory. Are your products infringing ?

Our products, including structure and LOGO are all developed and produced in our factory.
We have gained a patent in the U.S. so there is no infringing issue.

15. Do you accept special request for chucks ?

Yes we can customize chucks. Here is the procedure :
Understand customers' needs Drawing and Sample Delivery Customer confirm Quotation/ Delivery Date

16. Why isn't the copper pole in the fixture center after milling ?

Most of the situation is due to environmental temperature and rising temperature when the mechanical axis is fixed and causes moving. We suggest you control the temperature and dynamic mechanical production standard correction.

17. I heard your replaceable positioning block is less accurate, is it so ?

The advantage of replaceable postioning block is to avoid affecting production dueto broken positioning block.
If any illaccurate situation occurs, please pay attention to the following points :

  1. When you replace a new positioning block, V shape positioning surface must be clean.
  2. If worn down, 4 positioning block needs to be changed.
  3. After crash, check or replace a positioning block screw.

18. What do you do if the screw of the positioning block is broken ?

First, do not take off the chuck from the machine. Use diagonal cutter or plier to hold the screw and take it out. If it's still not working, use a portable drill 3.2mm with drill head to remove the screw. The chuck itself is harder, so it won't hurt the thread. If you use EDM, please pay attention to the thread.

19. Why does your chuck protect main axis and machiney precision ?

H/Q Series Chuck can resist 12mm milling cutter. When the knife handle collides, the screw of positioning block and handle would self-protectively break and release impact. Z-axis vertical impact force would be buffered by aluminum electrode holder. High speed machine spinning over 24000 times is recemmended to use A Series chuck without adding pressure.

20. If the positioning block needs to be replaced, can you ship it immediately ?

If there's stock, we can ship immediately. Otherwise, you can take pff each chuck and replace.
The positioning block has one standard specification.

21. Are your products available for trial ?

No, CGM chucks are on market over 8 years. It has received users' recognition and support. If you receive products below standard quality, we accept return goods or replacement within 7 days. If due to human negligence, we offer free repair and replacement in the warranty one year's time.

22. Do you offer warranty ?

We can offer material proof and testing statistics by Metal Industrial Development Center.

23. If the fours legs of chuck are worn, can it be fixed ?

Yes you can. We can also fix it for you or show you how to fix it. Welcome to call in and ask.

24. How many pneumatic chucks can a 5 yard air compressor install ?

At least 30 pneumatic chucks! The structure of pneumatic chuck is similar to air compressor tank. It doesn't loose air.

25. How to apply EDM chuck SE-65E ?

There's not enough information in the catalog.

  1. For first timers, a fastest, easiest and most ecomonic way to do is that, the chuck has a 20mm diameter solid handle positioned under EDM seat. Adjust electrode directly and process. After processing, you can take it off. That' s why it' s also named temporary chuck.
  2. To Support. When you give discharge processing to outsouring company, you can give the CGM chuck to them temporarily.
  3. When the electrode is removed from the holder, due to work necessity, you can lock up the electrode to the holder and use SE-65E to fasten and adjust. It is similar to HE-100 adjustment.
  4. You can remove the 20mm handle and use the chuck to mill copper pole. Put it back after use for processing.

26. What' s the difference between CGM, three-jaw chuck and vise ?

  1. One object has 7 degrees of freedom, front, back, left, right, up, down and rotation. Three-jaw chuck and vise always lack one freedom degree to be unable to repeat to position. That is, it takes correction to go back to the previous position. CGM can fast and precisely position without correction to the previous position.
  2. CGM chuck is also called zero position chuck. When you change a electrode holder or work pieve, no need to reset coordinates.
  3. Pre-correct workpiece outside machinery. After processing, if there' s any difference, you can add mechanical utilization rate.
  4. If you want to upgrade processig to half or full automation, CGM chuck is the essential choice.
  5. To upgrade processing ability, upgrade 3-axis to manual 4-axis 90 degree processing.

27. Why does the copper pole still have 1 piece left and right after 3
dimesions center correction ?

You have great machinery, and if you want to upgrade it to 5µ, we recommend you use SB-101 to correct.

28. The usage of SB-101 and SB-102 ?

First of all, fix SB-101 next to your work piece (doesn't affect copper correction distance) and use SB-102 or SB-104 to find the center and SB-101 ball center X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis distance.
Enter the EDM or remember it. Before discharge, each copper pole needs to go to SB-101 ball center and then to the recorded X/Y/Z value. The purpose of this program is to avoid displacement by temperature rising.

29. Caution while using SB-101 and SB-105

  1. No falling or crashing while moving or saving.
  2. Make sure the EDM is under electrode protection during usage.
  3. When the probe touches the workpiece more than 0.10mm,
    it is possible to be offset and needs to be adjusted again.
  4. After the central value is tested, please turn the probe 180 degrees and get the second central value.
    If the difference is over 0.01mm between the two values, then the center needs to be readjusted.