During improper operation or the cutter collision, it’ll be damaged for protecting the machine spindle and chuck..more

For CNC Milling machine

CNC 3 axis & 5 axis Milling Chuck
Pneumatic and Manual Quick Chuck ...more

CGM Chuck Diagram

Patented piston connecting structure allows bigger deviation...more
Centering Plate Custom Fixture Pallet CNC Heaving Cutting Type Chuck

Centering Plate

Material Stainless Steel. With Centering Plate products for chuck detection accessories and electrode holder...more

Custom Fixture Pallet

For enhancing productivity, the custom fixture and total solutions are available... more

Heaving Cutting Chuck Sereis

Pneumatic Chuck-Heaving Cutting Type Clamping force up to 2,500kgs, thickness only 30mm... more
CGM Chuck Electrode CNC Position Blocks-Milling Chuck

Created brand new logo

We look forward to making another industrial breakthrough....more

Electrode Holder

High-frequency vibration absorbing and reducing dramatic vibration... more

Powerful Chuck Sereis

Workpiece holder in Steel available for heavy cutting and with long lifespan... more