AP-100Z Zero-point Chuck

Max. Clamping Force

When the external force is bigger than of the clamping mechanism, the steel ball will be stuck so the workpiece won’t drop off but vibrate instead.

Max. clamping force is up to 8000 kgs.

Curve Shape Clamping

The curve shape between the clamping mechanism and steel ball, which increases the clamping force and life span.

The stainless steel ball and can work under pure water.

Spring force is up to 2500 kgs

  • Max. clamping force is up to 8000kgs.
  • Main body, steel ball and accessories are made of stainless steel which can be used in the water. (excl. Spring)
  • With center hole cleaning and oiling functions (can work with pressure switch for testing)
  • Repeat positioning accuracy 0.005mm.
  • Spring force 2500kgs
  • Air pressure clamping force 3500kgs
  • Min. Air pressure 6kg/cm2
  • Material : SUS440, 56 HRC
  • Weight : 1.4 kgs

Chuck Size

Drawbar for Zero-Point Chuck

The combination of these three drawbars can keep the centering point at the same position, and have the pallet out of moving from the effects of thermal expansion and contraction.

The tolerance between zero-point chuck and drawbars must be controlled within ±0.01mm.

PZ-24B Centering drawbar

  • It defines the datum point w/o move.
  • Material : High hardness staliness steel

PZ-24L Compensation drawbar

  • It positions the pallet in one axis only and is capable of slightly move for the other axis.
  • Material : High hardness staliness steel

PZ-24H Chucking drawbar

  • It mainly clamps toward Z axis and allow the X and Y axis with slightly move.
  • Material : High hardness staliness steel