E Type Aluminum Electrode Holder

Suitable for bottom lock the plate copper electrode
(Max. 200x200mm)
Weight : 490g.
Material : Aluminum.
Model : 82T35

Caution: do not allow for heavy milling and cutting, when you need it just use steel electrode holder

  Small Quantity & OEM available for steel electrode holder

Max Parts Holding : 200mm x 200mm

Material : Alu.

Weight : 490g


Features of Electrode Holder

High-frequency vibration absorbing and reducing dramatic vibration.

Good electrical conductivity
Efficient operation during discharge processing.

High efficiency during deep hole EDM.

Economic Value
Comprehensive specification with the competitive cost for various machining needs.

High durability
It’s life expectancy is up to 50,000 times under normal usage and the positioning surface won’t be damaged easily.

During improper operation or the cutter collision, it’ll be damaged for protecting the machine spindle and chuck.