E Type Draw Bar

Model : PE-20A/PE-20M/PE-20W

  • Made by alloy steel with tensile strength more than 2500kg.
  • Use West Germany type of spring, life expectancy of more than 100,000 times.
  • Patented disc-type spring design, with dustproof and electrode block separation function.
  • Do not tilt the disc-type spring during use.


PE-20A Drawbar

  • With center oiling function and positioning slot.
  • Make sure the direction of positioning slot and it’ll works only match with electrode holder.


PE-20M Drawbar

  • Manual drawbar.
  • With center oiling function. Under manual operation, all CGM chucks are applicable.
  • Attention : When apply to wire cut EDM, the drawbar will be over length.


PE-20W Drawbar

  • W/O center oiling function.
  • Drawbar for wire cut EDM.
  • Drawbar with shorter length and workable for all CGM chucks.

Drawbar for pallet application


PE20F10 Drawbar


PE20F12 Drawbar


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