E Type Heaving Cutting Chuck

Pneumatic Chuck-Heaving Cutting Type Diagram
Model : AP-100E

Clamping force up to 2,500kgs, thickness only 30mm

AP-100E Pneumatic Chuck-Heaving Cutting Type

Chucks for Lathe & Milling Machines

  • Material SUS420J2, 52 HRC
  • Repeat positioning accuracy 2µm
  • Max. 2000rpm
  • Spring force 2500kgs, Max. 8000kgs
  • Air pressure clamping force 3500kgs, Max. 12000kgs
  • Need to DIY the opening and air pressure holes
  • Min. Air pressure : 6kg/cm²
  • Weight : 1.6kgs

  • Floating Clmaping Mechanism

    Floating mechanism will adjust the variation of drawbar automatically.

    Max. Clamping Force

    When the external force is bigger than of the clamping mechanism, the steel ball will be stuck so the workpiece won’t drop but vibrate instead. Max. clamping force is up to 8000kgs

    Curve Shape Clamping

    The curve shape between the clamping mechanism and steel ball, which enlarges the clamping force and life span. With stainless steel ball and can work under pure water.
    Spring pull force is up to 2500kgs

  • Milling Chuck