E Type Manual Quick Chuck for EDM & milling machine

Model : QE-88E

  • 3-jaws type mechanism
  • With Center oiling function
  • Maximum allowable current : 120A
  • Clamping force : 1000kgs 
  • Repeat positioning accuracy : 2µm
  • Weight : 2.45kgs
  • Material : SUS420J2 52 HRC

Quick Manual Chuck Diagram

  1. H-24 Positioning Blocks : Material SUS440, 56-58 HRC. After special coating, the surface can reach 70 HRC for better wear-resistant. When the side collision exceeds 600kgs, it will be damaged for self-protection. Standard parts and available for replacing easily. Fixing screws : M4x12.
  2. Main structure : Material SUS420, 52 HRC. Eliminating the structure stress by three times of tempering for keeping same accuracy.
  3. Locking plate : Material SUS420, 48-50 HRC. With special locking design for labor saving. The strong structure can withstand clamping power more than 5000kgs.
  4. Handle : Design with proper weight. It’ll be damaged for self-protection when the force exceeds 65 kgs. Please remove the Handle after lock tight for anti-vibration.
  5. Anti-loose and Anti-clockwise structure : After removing the Lever Tool, the lock plate will ensure the stability under heavy cutting or dramatic vibration.
  6. 3-jaws type Blocks : Material SUS420, 52 HRC. Large locking area which can withstand 4000 kgs clamping force and resist the vibration by heavy cutting efficiently. It won’t get damaged even the handle is broken.



Chuck in Milling Machine

Chuck in EDM Machine


CGM Installation instructions for EDM

  • Loose the old adjustment head.
  • Setup M106 adjustment head and fasten tightly.
    If it doesn't fit, please process the holes according to M106 graph.
  • Set up the chuck and fasten tightly.
    (The insulation pad should be in between of M106 and the chuck)
  • Use EDM negative line to make sure the chuck and machine wouldn't have short circuit.
  • Use ST-164 and ST-165 to adjust X and Y axis's flatness and parallelism.

ST-164S.jpg ST-165S.jpg

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