R type max heavy duty Chuck for CNC milling & lathe

Dirty off cleaning available
Model : AP-100RC

Lathe Max RPM: 2000

8 Blowing Hole for Cleaning it need attached AP-100-04 to effect the function

Without Air Source: Spring Pull Force :2500kgs, Max Clamping Force: 8000kgs

With Air Source: Spring Pull Force: 3500kgs

Repetition Accuracy 2um

Air Turbine hole it need DIY to open the holes

Draw Bar: PE-37R

see drawing as attached

suit for powerful cutting & milling

for CNC Milling & Lathe machining parts holding & repetition

Pneumatic Chuck Diagram

  1. Surface : Stainless steel surface keeps its high accuracy, easy to maintain and has blowing function for clean.
  2. Positioning blocks : Positioning blocks are replacable and custom made is available for various of special workpieces machining.
  3. Connecting structure : Patented piston connecting structure allows bigger deviation.
  4. O-ring : High-quality seals, normal life expectancy is up to 5 years.
  5. Spring : High-quality imported spring. Life expectancy is more than 1.2 million times. 200 times / day = 16 years.
  6. Piston & Cylinder : All piston and cylinder are made of stainless steel. It won’t rust or stuck by moisture.
  • All pneumatic chucks are with boost pressure function and can withstand the clamping force up to 280kgs.
  • Link mechanism coated with special lubrication which won’t be deteriorated by moisture.