R Type Chuck for Lathe & Milling

suit for CNC lathe & milling machine for machining parts repetition holding & machining.
Model : HL-110R

Caliper Mechanism, Screw Lock Manual Chuck

Max RPM 1800 for lathe

Clamping Force : 2000 kgs

Repetition Accuracy : 2 um

Attached plastic box & M10 Hex. Wrench

Dia. 110 x 36 mm exclude fixture block

multi application for lathe and milling machine

lathe & Milling

Manual Chuck Diagram

  1. H-24 Replaceable Positioning Block :
    A breakthrough patent design, upgrading your chucks to be part of the asset instead of consumables. If it’s damaged, you can replace it in a short time without affecting the productivity.
  2. When the surface for Z axis is damaged, you may repair by laser welding with the steel. (60 HRC, SUS440 best recommended). Or, you may send it back to us for a repair.
  3. Locking screws : Material SNCM high tension screws, 36~38 HRC. The surface coated with tungsten with more mechanical flexibility.
    Attention : The feature of tungsten coated surface can not work under sulfur environment.
  4. Clamping type mechanism : Patented clamping type design, simple and durable structure which can sustain
    the clamping force more than 4000 kgs.
    Four locking surfaces can bear dramatic vibration and won’t affect the drawbar. Material SUS420, 48~50 HRC.

Milling & Lathe Chuck