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CGM Fixture of Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award

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“COUPLING DEVICE OF JIG” was awarded with the 22nd Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award Pneumatic Chuck-AE-88EC, 21th Taiwan Excellence Awards.

CGM Fixture of new products, new design patent


The structure of the electrode chuck, pull the bolt / clip bolt device, three-dimensional edge finder, EDM & Milling machine with clip fixture, new style electrode chuck.

CGM Fixture invention patent certificate


The EDM & Milling machine fixture, to be suitable for the EDM & Milling machine using and coupling devices.

CGM The fixture products Mainland China Regional Patent


The EDM & Milling machine fixture, the balance of fixture clamping device, and the fixture of electrode chuck device and coupling devices.


The externals design of the EDM Chucks.

Foreign Exhibitors Winners Certificate


Russia Gold Award


Italy Gold Award

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Japan Gold Award Japan Silver Award
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Poland Gold Award Poland Silver Award

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Ukraine Gold Award Ukraine Silver Award
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Italy Gold Award Italy Silver Award