Chuck FAQ

  1. Based on Budget :
    H Series are economic type for beginners.
    Q Series are advanced fast manual, timesaving type.
    A Series are high-level automatic pneumatic type
  2. Our product catalogue describes all CGM purposes.
  3. Our professional specialists can explain and advice for you.
  1. Most of the main fixture is made of stainless steel 420, suitable for a variety of environments, and durable.
  2. Interchangeable block positioning design.
    (a) protective machinery.
    (b) available to replace, adding chuck durability.
    (c) Special surface coating treatment, high hardness and durability, service life of more than 700,000 times.
  3. Large clamping force, not only applies to copper processing but also to various parts. HM series and QM Series give more than 1000kg force. A Series gives more than 100kg force.
  4. The electrode base is made of alucimum. It absorbs shock and it has 8 positioning spots. It resists 600kg lateral force and heavy cutting. The supporting points of 4 surfaces can resis long time without hurting the chuck surface supporting points. What' s more, it doesn' t sink after impact. Its economical price reduces cost burden.
  5. The plug has central water feature for EDM use. Average stronge level can be applied for milling parts processing. The plug shrapnel has closed function to prevent copper scrap from falling into the chuck base. Each parts of plug has inseperable design to prevent parts from falling.
  6. Each chuck specification suits varies needs: HM Series are clamp type as well as entry leve. QM Series are clip claw type with designed shock proof function, stable clamping workpiece and multifunctional sppearance design.
    It s suitable for various needs. Pneumatic chuck series can improve working speed and automation needs.
Yes it can. If the installing hole does not match with our M106, just make a new hole or add an adapter board.
M106 installation board includes flatness and parallelism adjustment screws for customers to adjust on their own.
That is because oil discharge liquid is over the chuck with residue stuck inside.
Put machine oil into the push rod sliding way. If it is not working, please contact us.
As long as your machine still operates, it will definitely save time and add production if you install a chuck.
H and Q Series are recommended.
It is because most thick, medium and small size is not in the same center.
Before discharge, please check the size of copper pole center.
If fastened on bed within 4 chucks, we recommend QE-88E, which is more economic. If you need to use vise or magnet to take it off, we recommend QM-98E, which has 6 surfaces easier to correct and edge.
No. For edging, please use ST-164 or ST-165.
Yes. But there is no central water feature.
Yes you can install it. But contact the tooling machine factory first because. It requires complicated install technology and programming. At the moment we only cooperate with tooling factories in technology field.
No. The chuck itself is stainless steel. It has poor permeability and needs to add a base board under.